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Free Books

Early this year I contacted a publisher. I was inquiring about pricing for their editorial services. While I could not afford the fees he and I stayed in touch through email and the like.  Last week he contacted me about an upcoming e-book he was putting together. It will be a collection of short stories from various authors. He wanted to include some of my short stories.  I maintain the copyrights.

It will be available for free to download. The publisher will be eating the entire cost for the art, editing and formating the book so no profit will be made. I won’t see a dime for this but there are still positive reasons out there. As a new author, who is trying to break out, any free publicity is a good thing. People will get to see my works, have ways to contact me and also see what is on the table as far as WIP. The book will be shared by other publishers and editors. They might see something they like or know someone who could use one of the stories. That is another win. Finally when I write my query letters at least now I can place in the body of it that I have something in print.

One person told me that if I am not getting paid it seems pointless. I am not taking that route. I have to start somewhere. Even if that means one short story at a time.