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Writer’s Retreat



Before I got sick, I was honored to be invited to attend a writer’s retreat in South Carolina. Joining me were three wonderful ladies and writers. We were just off the beach, maybe a two-minute walk, maybe. It was wonderful for on one side was the beach as you heard the seagulls and waves crashing while on the opposite side of the condos were marshes which included herons and cranes.

It was beautiful, peaceful and a great change to write. What was really nice was the four of us moving as one. The first day found my friend Seven, yes that is her name, on the patio writing, I was on the beach writing while the others were in separate rooms doing the same thing. And we just shift from room to room, beach to marsh, patio to the porch and so on and so on. We would gather at night to talk about what we wrote, read what we wrote as we broke into food, games and giggles.

It was short and went by to dang fast. But it was a wonderful time to get away from electronics and work on a passion we all share, writing.











































Books Books Books

When I go to a used book store the first place that is sought out is the section on writing. There is usually something that can be useful. Lately I am finding that most of the books shelved are also on my bookcase at home. I am getting a nice collection of books on writing. In fact there are so many novels that I can run my own mini library if needed. Yes you would need to sign them out thank you very much. 🙂

Topics that I have books on:

-Two high school English books

-How to get a literary agent

-How to get your book published without an agent

-How to write for children

-How to write short stories

-How to get published

-How to write query letters/cover letters

-Every edition of Writer’s Digest for the past two years

-Writer’s Market for the last two years

-Children’s Market

The list goes on. I can not be alone on this right? The ones that I gravitate to and are within easy reach are:

-Story Engineering

-Stephen King On Writing


-The Elements of Style

-Write Where You Are: How to Use Writing to Make Sense of Your Life

-The Essential Writer’s Companion

-MLA Handbook

There are so many books that one can get overwhelmed. Especially if you are just starting out. The fact I had to get a new bookcase just for these books said it all. Hopefully among the volumes of books you come across there will be useful information that you can apply to your own writings. If there are books out there that has helped you, let me know. What’s one more book, right?