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Commas are my Kryptonite: Oh boy they are

“Commas are my Kryptonite.”

I said this to my friend Gina one day. She laughed because she understood what that meant. She feels there is no such thing as too many commas, even when there is no need for them to be there. I am of the theory the less, the better, often leaving out spots where I should place a comma.

I am not a fan of commas. They serve their purpose, one of which is to irritate me when I need to figure out how to get it right in placement. But that is why I have an editor. She is worth her weight in gold to the commaless person who can not be bothered to learn where to put them.

What else is my Kryptonite now that I am thinking about it? I have issues with the word then compared to then and figuring how to use effect or affect.

Though, in fairness, I am getting there. I have gotten better as my editor has sent me edits over the years. See, even I can learn. I am sure there are other rules of grammar that are not coming to mind. Thanks to my editor, I can stick to writing.

What are your Kryptonites in writing or with the whole process of writing and having your manuscript published?