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Reading the genres you write in: Do you?

As a writer, I read books the genres of my books. One can learn from other writers by observing how they use descriptions, write dialogue and progress their storyline.

I am not saying to copy what they are doing. But you can learn different ways to word things or set up plots and dialogue. One can also look at the scene or character development. There is so much one can soak in just from reading books, especially books in the same genres as yours.

While there are some written rules, everyone has their flare. Some people love doing long flowery descriptions. I don’t and am not a fan of it. I can appreciate the effort done by the writer if it is masterful.

As a writer, one is always learning to improve one’s craft, just like any other profession.

If this exercise helps improve my manuscript and delivers a well-written book for my readers, well, that is worth the time and effort. I am always looking for ways to make my books a better reading experience. By doing so, they may want to read more of my works.