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Speech: Author platform and social media

imagesThis past Saturday I gave a small speech to one of my writers group. There were three of us sharing information to the members. One discussed the process of being a self published author. The second filled in the gaps we left behind thank goodness. I talked about the traditional side with query letters, the dos and don’t of the process, gave a nice list of links and then moved on to social media via author platform and why it is so important.

This is something I been working on for a few years now, my author’s platform to where now it is almost second nature to me so doing a small gathering on this was easy on my part. They were so interested I been asked, maybe coerce is a better word, to do another one at my convenience which will be next Wednesday. It is nice a/ to be able to talk about something I am very familiar with to where it is little work to where I just need to prepare for a few run through and b​/ helping other people out especially writers who are more green then I am.

There is enough room for all us to have our books up there. We all write in different genres, different age groups and different target audiences and there will never, hopefully, be a shortage of readers. As an avid reader myself it is a great time for the choices keep expanding on what is out there to read.