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My children’s chapter book is now in three languages


My Jasper, Amazon Parrot series has now been translated into Portuguese. The above photo shows the Spanish version of volume one on the left while the one on the right shows the Portuguese version of volume one.

When I found out I just leaned back into my chair and marveled at the many avenues this series is spreading out into.

I am blown away. The translator had reached out to me for some guidance on some of the ling. And now the series has a new language to sport. My Jasper, Amazon Parrot series is now in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Granted, I will never be able to read the one not in English but I’ll have a copy of them.

My books are also in audio which is pretty cool especially since audio books is a fast growing industry. Besides being in Kindle and paperback soon Jasper will be in pocket book edition, hardcover and trade paperback which is slightly smaller than the standard paperback. To add to that he will be in a clear print, large print and extra large print which will search those who are visually impaired.

They are also working on merchandising for us as well. I know my publisher have more on the horizon for me and I will marvel at those when it is revealed.

For the moment I just think on where Jasper and I started with a book which was suppose to be all that there was. Now there are three books in the series, the fourth one is being edited and I am working on volume five.

I never expected all of this. But I am definitely enjoying the ride.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying the ride with your books. Take the time to enjoy how far you have come. If you think you have not come far just remember where you stood when you first started writing.