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How organized is your writing space?

I have been spring cleaning my office, which is something I have been avoiding for way too long. The office has two full cabinets stuffed with papers that I had to go through one by one. The bookcases were okay. It was simple to use the writing cart on wheels. Yet, the file cabinets were the mother of all tasks.

But as I sorted through sheet after sheet of paper, I found some awesome stuff. I had cards for years and years from my husband with his message inside. I came across some old pictures that made me pause and smile at the memories. I came across stacks and stacks of writing-related papers, whether it was an article, an old notebook from classes, notes from a conference, pictures from conferences I’d attended, and so on.

I have been doing this for a while now, and it has flown. Some have asked me, “Hey, are you still writing?” I get why, and yes, I am. A book has been ready since March of last year. Life gets in the way.

It was great to find photocopies of quotes I have received or made myself. I saw an old calendar of the events, programs, and speaking engagements I have done over the years. It has truly gone by so fast. But it has been an experience for me. I never expected to be doing this when I was younger. Years ago, in fact.

So while it took me several trash bags, a lot of shredding, a lot of filing, and finding room for everything, my office is now in order, and there is a place for everything, so I am organized. That alone was worth it. But the journey to get here was difficult. But enjoyable as I visually scanned my last few years as an author. It has been great. I have met some amazing people and formed long-lasting friendships beyond writing, and I have come to be happy with this.

I hope those who are writers and follow me can say the same: the journey has been worth it.

Has your journey as a writer gone well?