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As an author do you have a resume?

As a writer do you think of resumes? I know I didn’t. And that was my way of thinking until I checked into submitting to local magazines in our area. The first thing out of their mouth was send us your resume. It has been years, and I mean years, since I have had to write one for myself. The time frame was when I graduated college.

The first thing I did was make a list and dates of what I had accomplished as an author. This is where having a social platform came in handle. I just had to go to the archives of my sites and see about the time certain events had occurred.

Besides having books out, short stories in anthology and stand alone stories I had more. I won a grant from our county art council, I gave a seminar at a conference on social media and I have written for a local magazine.

When I did the write up it looked better than I first anticipated. I will include my degrees for I worked too hard for them as well as the price obtaining the diplomas.

I have not found the right template yet to use. That is proving elusive to me. But my attitude to when I first was asked to produced one to now as I write it up has changed.

Even if you don’t need one right now it might be a good idea to start for the just in case moments. But not only that it is a good way to show off what you have accomplished in a professional way.