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Do you stop learning once your book is out?


One never stops learning whether by accident or on purpose. As an author I make it a point to do it on purpose.

If one sits still with their writing it will soon be apparent to others if not yourself.

The world of marketing is a good example of where you need to keep learning. There are platforms that are constantly, it seems to me, sprouting up for us to learn about and whether to use them or not.

There are classes on dialogue, pace, setting and crap a whole bunch of other topics that we need to home our skills on. To think we are the experts on all of this is not only delusional but also a disservice to our books and our readers.

There are conferences, newsletters, meetings and classes that talk about every aspect of just about everything. To sit and be happy with our work is one thing to not let it grow is something totally different.

One has to learn the latest trends. When I started writing volume one of my Jasper, Amazon Parrot series trilogies were the thing. You saw it in every genre it seemed in books and at the movies. That is one of the major reasons I wrote volume two and three and have started on volume four. Is that still the trend?

What kind of covers showcase your work well? Are there better graphic artists for you out there? Who is doing better right now- traditional or self publishing right now?

All of this does take time. But isn’t your book worth it? I believe it is.