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Writing content for your blog: As easy as 1, 2, 3?


It is not always easy to come up with content for this blog. I mean about 95 percent of the time I know what I am going to talk about. It is those last 5 percent that I sit back in my chair, which our neighbor Rick gave me that is way too comfortable for its own good, that I ponder on what to talk about.

There are so many sites on the matter on what to write about. There are even people you could pay to write content for you. To me that is extreme at this point in my career. I don’t consider myself cheap. I call it frugal. If I can do it myself, even if it takes me some time, than I will do most things in life myself before paying anyone for anything.

But as I sat back it hit me. Content. I would write about the topic itself. It all goes back to what kind of blog you are running and what is the point of it. This blog is geared toward my brand, myself and all aspects of writing whatever those may be.

Now there are tons of topics on blogging. As I went over my history of what I have talked about here I have discussed a lot of things. I even discussed content. But somethings do need repeating for those new to my site or just as a refresher course.

It is when I remind myself however of the point to this blog that an idea comes to me. If you are avid in your blogging and your brand content really shouldn’t be an issue at all. If you are in the game long enough finding ideas to discuss and share with your readers should not be that hard. Just sit back and think on the conferences you go to, the newsletters you receive, the email and letters you get, the people you interact with and a host of other avenues. Everyone, if you are doing it right, has a network of all of that and they are talking about some topic of what your career is about. There is a good chance you know something about it to write on.

Take a breather. It will come to you. If it doesn’t just holler. I’ll toss ideas your way.