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How are your books received by the readers?

If you are fortunate to get positive feedback from people, it is a true win for you.

A few years ago, a grandfather bought volume one of my Jasper, Amazon parrot series. It was to be a Christmas gift for his grandson.

According to granddad, his grandson, after opening the gift, sat down and placed his electronic toy beside him, and began reading the book. He sat there and read it all in one sitting.

His grandfather asked him what did he think. The young boy asked for volume two.

Hearing that did make me smile in real life. I have been told over the years other stories of children who have enjoyed my book.

Writing a book is so much more than writing a book. I want the readers to enjoy it, to put the book down after, and just had a good time doing so. Interacting with fans is so important.

If your books are not being read or enjoyed, then a big part of writing is lost. For while it is wonderful to write, and we can write book after book, at what point do we say to ourselves, “What is the point?”