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DO you write when you are away on Vacation?

When you go on a trip, regardless of what reason, do you still write, or do you take a break?

Years ago, I would bring some form of implement for me to write, whether that would be a tablet, laptop, or simply a notebook and pen.

In the beginning, I would get some form of writing down. As the years went by became writing less and less to not doing a lick of work.

Taking time off when life gets in the way, and it has a habit of doing so, can get one out of one’s routine of doing things when it comes to being an author.

Depending on how much we take off will determine how easy it is to get back into our routine. Sometimes it is easy peasy to get back into it. Other times we struggle.

When I am away, I tend to think about writing in some form. Writing is still a joy for me, and I will continue to do so until it stops being so.