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The Kreativ Blogger Award

The Kreativ Blogger Award

My darling friend Shannon has bestowed to me the The Kreativ Blogger Award. That just makes me go woohoo. Thank you Shannon you made my day. This makes my second time and loving it.

The rules are:

  • thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award
  • answer the ten questions below
  • share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself
  • nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

To check out Shannon’s blog click on the link http://www.shannontaylorhodnett.com/. Her book which I have read is amazing. It really is.

The Questions

What is your favorite song?

No contest “ What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

What is my favorite dessert?

Anything that has vanilla in it.

What ticks you off?

People who are mean just to be mean.

When I am upset what do I do?

I will sketch something in the house or have my birds calm me down.

Which is or was my favorite pet?

It sound cliché to say I don’t have a favorite but it is true. Each have their own personality that makes me love them for them.

Which do you prefer to wear black or white?

While white is my one of my favorite colors it gets way to dirty, due to me. So black.

What is your biggest fear?

Being alone.

What is your attitude mostly?

I try to be as laid back as I can.

What is perfection?


What is your guilty pleasures?

 Pepsi and a candy bar

Ten random things about me

-I love sweet ice tea

-My family and birds complete me

-I am an avid sports fan: baseball, basketball, hockey, football and so on. 🙂

-I don’t own a ereader.

-I prefer green plants over flowers.

-I was born with blond hair and blue eyes

-I am a Northerner

-I name all my cars

-I love my inlaws.

-I love taking classes at the community colleges


Amberr http://www.amberrisme.com/

Mandy http://mandyevebarnett.wordpress.com

Kate http://katepolicani.com/

Sarah http://sarahballance.wordpress.com/

Writing Sisters http://writingsistersblog.wordpress.com/

Mae http://maeclair.wordpress.com

Tawn http://totallytawn.wordpress.com/

The nominees and winners are…….

As per the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, I looked over the various blogs I follow and have come up with the ones below. They are in no particular order. Maybe one of these blogs will be one you would enjoy.


Nancy and I seem to be one person at times. What she blogs about are topics that everyday people can relate to. But she does it with a twist of humor that is amazing. Her blog is one that I always read, even if I don’t always comment.



Shanona is an amazing writer. I was given the honor of reading her MS and when I was done, I wanted more. Her imagery leaves no doubt in your mind what is going on.



Just the title alone “ Like a Bump on a Blog” makes me going back for more. You never know what topic she will be blogging about, but I am never disappointed. She is an amazing woman who just carries you away with her words.

Carlyle http://www.carlylelabuschagne.com/

One thing I enjoy about her page is how she runs it. She is always interchanging, putting new ideas out there. It is never dull with a guest post here, and music there. I like that. It makes me return repeatedly to see what is up in her corner of the world. A kind soul who has the energy that if she bottled up and sold, she be rich.

Martin King http://martinkingauthor.com/

I had to include a man on this list and that made me think of Martin. His tenacity to write 100 blogs in 30 days blew my mind. His children’s book I have high hopes for, it is truly an amazing book.