The nominees and winners are…….

As per the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, I looked over the various blogs I follow and have come up with the ones below. They are in no particular order. Maybe one of these blogs will be one you would enjoy.


Nancy and I seem to be one person at times. What she blogs about are topics that everyday people can relate to. But she does it with a twist of humor that is amazing. Her blog is one that I always read, even if I don’t always comment.


Shanona is an amazing writer. I was given the honor of reading her MS and when I was done, I wanted more. Her imagery leaves no doubt in your mind what is going on.


Just the title alone “ Like a Bump on a Blog” makes me going back for more. You never know what topic she will be blogging about, but I am never disappointed. She is an amazing woman who just carries you away with her words.


One thing I enjoy about her page is how she runs it. She is always interchanging, putting new ideas out there. It is never dull with a guest post here, and music there. I like that. It makes me return repeatedly to see what is up in her corner of the world. A kind soul who has the energy that if she bottled up and sold, she be rich.

Martin King

I had to include a man on this list and that made me think of Martin. His tenacity to write 100 blogs in 30 days blew my mind. His children’s book I have high hopes for, it is truly an amazing book.

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