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Can you be Too Old to be a writer?

When is one considered old? This headline caught my attention. It made me wonder if one can be too old to be a writer.

Of the writers I know locally, many are long in the tooth, as the saying goes. That has not slowed them down much.

If the bug is in you to write, or whatever your passion is, it doesn’t matter why your age, race, gender, or nationality is. For once it is in you, little will derail you. Yes, life has a way of slowing us, stopping us in our tracks. Even if one writes with no intention of being published, it is part of who you are.

I know writers who have been writing since they were teenagers. They always seem surprised when I tell them that I began writing in my 40ties. Yes, I wrote some poetry when I was a teenager, but it was my way of letting things out.

I wonder if I had continued on that path where my writing career would be, how many more would I have written.

While I am relatively new to this field, in comparison to those around me, this is something that I will continue to do as long as I can do it.

The bug is strong within me. May it be with you and the passion that burns inside.