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Promotion, ranking, audible and so much more: Jasper, Amazon parrot series

Things this month are going crazy. I already wrote that earlier my first volume to my children’s series was on promotion. Well, volume two, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: Rainforest Friends and Family”, will be on promotion starting next week from Dec 10-14, 2019 with the price dropping to .99 cents.

But that isn’t all. Volume three, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: The Perils of the Jungle” is being released on December 10th which is next Tuesday.

Events are going really fast. For volume one and two of this series made it to the Amazon Best Seller 100 list in audibles one in the sixties the other in the seventies. I am not sure how high they went for I found out by accident. But this past Monday volume one went back up to #34 in audibles. But before I could shout that here Jasper and I went up again to #19. You know I am screen saving all of this for as quickly as go up they go down. Luckily it went back up. WOOHOO!

A lot is happening with my brand and books in a good way. It is nice to see things starting to pay off. While I have started on Jasper 4 I need to get my butt in gear and get it finished so it can start on the journey of getting it done.

All of this is exciting, wonderful and eating up a lot of my time. But this new career of mine is fun, thrilling and amazing. The fact that it and I have found each other I am grateful for it.