Step Into a Slim Jim

Reading the labels on the foods you buy makes good sense. You want to be careful what goes in your body. I do this for the most part. Being a chemist by profession I can honestly pronounce the ingredients. Not only that, I can break down the words and get a good idea of what they mean and what I am putting in my mouth. For the most part it has worked for me well as a norm. Until we come to my Slim Jim. I love these long sticks of non nutritional value. I get all giddy when I purchase one, knowing already what it smells and taste like. It is simple ambrosia for me. I don’t want to know what is in it, I refuse to read the label. If I do there is a great chance I will stop eating it. I’m not take the chance. I love it way to much. This goes for other foods- the Twinkie, bologna, hot dogs. I am sure I can come up with more. So the chemist in me will have to take a step back and go into hiatus. I want to step into a Slim Jim darn it, and I will.

Hospital Gowns

We have all been to the hospital at one point or another. So I am sure you are all familiar with the hospital gowns. You know, the ones that rarely covers your back side. With all of the world’s advances and technology why can they not come up with a hospital gown that covers your bootie? When I gave birth I did ask for 2, the extra I used as a house coat to well cover my posterior. Some dignity should just be offered. Have you noticed on TV or in the movies, people in the hospitals most of the time have a gown that covers it all. How did they get so lucky? What hospital do they go to? How can I get one of those? If it is done on TV, it can be done in real life right? What gets me is when I do ask for a 2nd gown I will get a look. So the nurses will get a look back from me. I just don’t get it. It is bad enough we are in the hospital to where a gown is needed, at least help our stay be a little less drafty.

“Jimmy The Squirrel”

I will be guest posting at today. I am honored to do so- children’s books are wonderful tools for parents to use.

Author Amir Taher has written a delightful book called “Jimmy The Squirrel”. His book is similar to mine, “ Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”,  in the sense it has life lessons for children.




Here is a copy

Today’s post is written by Sharon Williams (with help from her Amazon parrot, Jasper).

Children’s books are a great tool.  In them, authors can create amazing and creative characters that leap off the pages.  With characters a child can warm up to, lessons can be learned.  A child can learn about family values all the way to stay away from strangers.

Every child at one point in their lives has had a stuffed animal in their room, or one they hold onto everywhere they go. It is their security blanket. They can talk to it, tell it their secrets and it keeps them company. Most importantly it can keep them safe from the monsters under the bed or in the closet at night. So when a child sees a character that is similar to their stuffed animals, they gravitate to it. It represents what their stuffed animals mean to them.  They can relate on this level and that is why characters that are animals work so well.  A writer can get on their level, their playing field and help share some lessons that a child can use.

When shared with a parent so much more comes into view.  One benefit is the time spent between parent and their child.  Another are the lessons learned and possible discussions that can come from that.  Hopefully one more benefit emerges, a love of reading – a joy that is parallel to none. That alone is worth taking the time to get a book together and read it with your children.

The adventures they can come across, the places they can visit in their mind and the ability to open up their creativity in ways only a book can do is simply priceless. This is what I tried to do with my own children’s book,   Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure , which is at the editing stage.  In it, Jasper, an Amazon parrot, is very similar to Jimmy of Jimmy the Squirrel.  They are both likable characters who share lessons with children in a way that reaches the minds of young kids.

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