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My computer and printer are females

I believe my computer and printer are both female. Yes, I know. But give me a few minutes to explain why.

Whenever my computer acts up, in any and all way, I end up being frustrated or ticked off. Afterwards I will go over the things I have learned on how to fix a computer. I have an amazing computer talented person in this house to help me. But I always give it a try just in case it is something small that I can figure out to not feel stupid when he fixes it and it is something small.

When that fails I ask for help. And it never fails to amaze me how he will sit down at my desktop and just figure it out and sometimes quickly. Grateful? Yes. Annoyed? Yes.

For example I have problems with my printer. It doesn’t always print when I ask it to. Sometimes it takes minutes and sometimes it never even prints unless I turn it off and on a number of times. My talented one will sit in my chair print a random page and viola it prints to which I get the look.

My computer one day kept shutting off or freezing up. I rebooted, That didn’t solve it. I updated the software and all that. Nothing. I searched online, which is such a terrible idea for this subject matter, and still nothing.

He either haa the magic touch, and with computers he does, or my computer and printer are frankly and obviously females. It won’t work for me but always works for him.


My Dedication and Acknowledgement


By the end of this year I will have a couple of short books online and one in the bookstores. Part of that involves coming up with a dedication and an acknowledgement for each one. Granted this is not required. But for me it is necessary. For “Jasper, Amazon Parrot:ARainforest Adventure” the dedication is easy.  I will be dedicating the book to Jasper. Without his personality this book would not have been written.

But now comes the joy of acknowledging everyone who has helped me. That is a long list. Longer then I thought once I started writing down the names.

-My editor Nancy who is an amazing woman. I am so fortunate to have her.

-My friend Ami who helped me with my query letter. The same letter that got my MS into the door to be read. If this letter is not spot on you are dead in the water

-My sister Karen who loaned me her daycare so the children could read the book. This was perfect for beta reading.

-I have my writings groups all of which have helped me in one way or another with edits and suggestions.

-A publisher by the name of Mike who even though rejected my submission filled it with so much positivity I framed it. In that letter he gave me the three reasons why they did not pick up Jasper. I revised it according to his recommendations and two submissions later the book got picked up. Even though Mike will not be publishing Jasper he deserves a lot of credit for this book

-I have the numerous people on my Twitter account, FB profile page and this site alone who have encourage me and lifted me back up.

-I have my friend Debbie who believed in me from the moment she read the very first draft of Jasper. Who knew ,according to her, this book was going to be published.

-Melanie my publisher who believes in my book and shares my vision for it.

The list goes on. I am surrounded by a large group of people who have helped me get to this point. So writing a dedication is not easy if you want to do it right. And you should for you did not get to this point alone, I didn’t.