How much support do you get for your writing?

What kind of support do you get from those around you and in your circle about your writing?

When I started on this path, my first encounter was with a new group out of a local library. There were seven of us, six being librarians. I even kid if I needed to be a librarian to be in the group.

But from that group came so much information, support, and help in a way I didn’t have before and didn’t know I needed until I met the ladies.

It was eye-opening and amazing at the same time.

How many of us have such support? Do we get it from our friends who aren’t writers? Do we get it from our family members?

If we get any support apart from other writers, that is huge and just welcoming. Some of us get most of our support, if not all, from other authors.

But when our relatives and friends purchase our books and support us in any way, that just is added boost to our mental and writing state.

As I have said repeatedly on this site, writing is a solitary profession. One has to have discipline and motivation, to name a few, to write when it is up to you to get it done. So, when one has support, regardless of where it comes from, that helps.

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