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Versatile Blogger

Who does not like getting noticed? Heck I do so long it is all good. This one is. My new buddy Edward has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. I know I know some people will poo poo these away. THAT IS NOT ME! I love them for not only is it awfully sweet for people to put my name up there from the huge group of people they know but it brings my brand out there so Edward thank you again.

I need to mention seven random things about me and then nominate 15 people. These rules are not set in stone so will do seven and seven.

Random Things

1-I just learned how to knit slippers

2-I love looking up at the sky

3-I wish I could fly, really.

4- As much as ereaders are the latest thing, give me a good book in my hand.

5-I try to be a good person.

6-I love to dance even if it is not well.

7-I love vanilla.

Seven people to check out





Patrick Latter

Sean Lynch

Meghan Elisabeth