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Jason Pinter


On my bookcases you will see primarily the authors of Stephen King, Agatha Christie, James Patterson, Greg Iles and Bentley Little. I have 95 percent of their works. The ones I don’t have are either out of print or I need to get. I been on the look out for a “new” author to dive into and enjoy. Over the last year or two a number of names have been read but the books did not encourage me to buy more of their writings.

Being in one of my favorite spots in town, a used book store, I came across “The Stolen” by Jason Pinter. The back cover intrigued me so I sat down on the floor and began to read. I was so engaged in the book that time passed me by fast. My husband strolled by to say, “Whenever you are ready let me know.” I was already on chapter 5 of the book. Mr. Pinter had me hooked from the first page and I could not put it down.

Buying it I went home ready to Google to see what else he had. I learned this book was the third in a series. There was only one thing left to do. Get the first two before I finished this book for I am anal in the sense I like to read in order.

The first book was “The Mark” and I read it happily and as engaged in it as I was with his third. I can’t stop talking about this author to other people. He has received a new fan in me. I have found my “new” author to fill my shelves. The joy of finding someone who is already established is they have a few books out there for me to inhale and enjoy.

I have a new person to read now. I just need to make space in my library for him for I believe he and I will have a long and happy relationship together.