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Your book in ten words


Elevator pitch, do you have one for your book? Something that states your project to the best of its ability in two sentences or less to the point you can say it in 20 seconds. You know, how long it takes for someone to get to their floor if they use an elevator. This is something we hear all the time how we need to have one. For the chance to toss it out at a conference, to an agent, to a publisher anyone who is in the position to listen and decide if they want to hear more.

Yet I read an article the other day that stated you should explain your  book in ten words. That’s it, no more or less. Hmm, really? I did cheat and went to my book that is online and read what the publisher wrote for first  book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforeset Adventure.”

Jasper learns the importance of family and friendship through a rainforest adventure.

Okay this is 12 words but I still think doable.  Would these words inspire someone to want to learn more?  Maybe. I am fortunate that this book is not a long in depth novel which could make it easier to come up with the wording. Onward to my other books as I try to come up with their tagline, their pitch, the words describing them in a way that will astound you. 🙂