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Podcasting: Another way to brand yourself as an author


I will be doing my first podcast soon. Well, I will be on a podcast to be more exact. It is from a chat radio out of England.

It’s a different avenue for Jasper and me. But something that has been around for a while now, podcasting. I been interested in this in being a guest and in doing it myself.

It won’t be very long but it is a way to shout out my books and myself to a whole new audience and a large one at that.

I learned about it from another author. Just another reason to help each other out. Good things come from it.

I am not sure on the mechanics of how it will work but am excited to do it.

One must come out of one’s comfort zone in anything if you want to advance, succeed or just well live. There are so many avenues for authors now more than ever before.

You can sit on the sideline with your book . Or you can shout it from sea to shining sea in ways you never could have imagined.

Which way will you go?