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Men in kilts


This past weekend it was the time of year for the Sixth Annual Highland Games. Or as I call it, “Men in kilt time,” Hubby and I packed up and left at 8 am, drove up the road a bit to enjoy the festivities. Here one would see

-Open stone toss

-Heavy weight toss

-Scottish Hammer throw

-Turning of the caper

-Sheaf toss

-Weight over bar

It is very entertaining and yet official at the same time. We had Daniel beat the world record in sheaf toss, having a new record of over 35 feet.


There is plenty of music, food, bag pipes and children dancing and singing. It is such a fun time, a great way to get out of the house, away from electronics and just chill for a bit. We left when started to close up for the day and arrived home in the late evening.



What made it even more fun is I ran across two of my friends so that meant the event of sitting down and chatting for a bit while eating.

I love the Highland Games, we been to four of them so far and look forward to it every year.