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Big publishing houses versus small publishing houses


2013-03-22 10.20.35In one of my writing groups the coordinator said you should start at the top to submit. I agree. But it is a tough business, writing. Let alone getting it picked up by anyone especially the big five humongous publishing houses.Thankfully there are small presses and medium presses to help out when a manuscript is rejected or not even looked at. But does it take away from your book if you are picked up by a lesser house? That is a debate for people who write. It all depends on your view-point of whether you are okay with a smaller press or if you are willing to get rejected excessively by a big house.

To me traditionally publish is traditionally published regardless of the size of the company. I always when I submit start at the top and work my way down and hope before I reach the bottom someone is willing to take a chance on my submission. Smaller presses to medium presses give you more freedom than the larger one.

I have two full books that are out in print and two more will be coming out this year. I have had the luxury in having a final say in the cover, the edits and overall the structure of the book. I like that. A lot. Writing is a hard occupation, getting your book out there even harder. So why make it even worse by limiting your options for your book? Doesn’t it deserve a chance to shine?

Just One Yes

2013-03-28 09.15.55

My mantra for the last year or so has remained the same.

All I need is one yes, just one.”

In fact the picture above is a photo of my mantra that I typed out and taped to my computer so I could see this every day when I sat down at my desk.  I know it can get discouraging when one submits to publishing houses. It is a crap shoot let’s be honest. You are trying to find someone who loves your MS as much as you do. A person who believes in it and the potential it has as you do.

One person is a small number compared to all the publishing houses that are out there. I however did not see it as that. I was not looking for 50. I was not looking for 25. I certainly was not looking for 10. All I was looking for was one person in a sea of faces, names, and companies who would say yes. I just had to find that one person.

It takes time absolutely. But your mind-set has to be where you stick to your guns and keep going. Don’t let up for that person is out there. I know I look at it differently from the fellow writers I hang out with. But they gotten so use to me repeating my mantra now some of them are saying it as well.

Thanks to Melanie from FBP she is my one yes. The one person who said yes I want to ride this journey with you. Let’s do it.  To get to this one yes took some effort but man oh man it was worth it. The day she said we want to publish your MS is a day I will never forget. And trust me I have a bad memory but this has been seared into my brain.

People keep at it and keep trying. You are not trying to climb a mountain of names. What you are trying to do is find one person in that mountain. If you stop you may never find it. But if you keep going what do you have to lose but really just time. And who knows you may find your own personal yes.