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My precious

2013-04-05 12.46.13

The package got sent last Friday. Of course when I was trying to find an envelope, something I always keep in stock , I found I was out. My first thought was, “ Come on are you freaken kidding me?”

But to no avail I was out. So off to the Dollar Tree I went to get some. But while I was there I saw in the office supply aisle bubble wrap envelopes. Hmm why not?  This is valuable what I have in my hand. I need to get it there in one piece.

Yes I used bubble wrap. I was not taking any chance that the contract would arrive all tattered and torn. It is my precious. That is the contract’s new name, my precious.

I just need to say that in the proper tone of voice to make it all proper. But it is my precious my very very precious contract.

April 1, 2013: My Contract Arrived

My contract came in last night
My contract came in last night
Heigh-ho, the derry-o . . .
My contract came in last night

Oh my gosh it is a beautiful sight. But it could be written on a napkin and my opinion would not change.

2013-04-03 16.02.18

The video is meh but here you go.

Don’t mind my birdies They are normally out with me but they kept on wanting to be part of the video so I had to hold them back for a small bit.