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First Copy Sold: Jasper

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This past Friday people were able to not only preorder my book but also get it signed.

The site was released on a few of my social media sites. I had not expected anyone to really do this.

However my friend Sue, from back home, who I have known since birth, went and got herself a signed copy. I honestly can not properly describe that feeling. Those who have been there before me understand the emotions that erupts when this happens. Happy tears ensued upon hearing the news. I could strike this off my list of things I wanted to get accomplished with this book.

My publisher has been keeping me up to date as the numbers are being sold. I have been writing, talking, breathing this book for so long so to see the fruits of it come to light brings me to a place I could not possibly imagine.

I wish I could capture the emotions in a bottle. Now that would sell.