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I seen this video a few years ago and simply loved it. The song is from someone who to me was amazing. Even though we never met, his voice touched me deep inside.

A hug can bring a person up from the pits of despair, loneliness and sorrow. It builds one up and makes your heart smile on the inside. They are free and can say so much more than words do. It is easy and the results for me are amazing.

My son a few years back bought a shirt that had written on it “ Free Hugs” and wore it to school. Needless to say he got a lot of female hugging going on if ya know what I mean. 🙂 Some people are not huggers and that needs to be respected.

There are a variety of hugs.

-The one where two people barely touch as the exchange is done

-The one where the hug is so tight one has to come up for air

-The hug between two people who have not seen each other in years

-The hug between a child and their parent

-The one between a spouse greeting their loved ones after being away on tour, business and the likes.

Each vary in intensity, time and emotion. The faces may change but the emotion stays the same. An action that we as humans use to express ourselves without uttering a single word.

I love hugs.

For Israel, R.I.P


Have you ever wondered what kind of impact you make on others? I know I do. With my insecurities of how I come across it always amazes me when people tell me what they think- that is in a good way.

My good friend Lisa, who is from one of my writers groups, told me that I bring energy and lightness to the meetings and it is certainly missed when I am not there. Me, energy and lightness?

My friend Gina, who I meet with weekly to talk about life and also writing, has told me on numerous occasions that I motivate and inspire her by my personality. Me, someone who motivates and inspires others?

I consider myself an average run of the mill person. I try to treat people like I want to be treated. Do I accomplish this all the time, of course not. But to hear people tell me positive things they see about me does make me feel good.

It is probably why I try to tell people what I think about them, when they are making a difference in a positive way. Everyone needs that boost, that certain lift to say hey I am not that bad.

Through Twitter and other avenues I have come across some wonderful writers. Some who are quickly becoming friends and people I care about. This has open me up to a world of people who just have taken me in and let me blossom personality wise and for that I am grateful.

The reason for this post is as follows. A friend of mine, Nancy, is about to release another book and she placed me in her dedication page.

My first thought was OH MY GOSH HOW FREAKEN AWESOME IS THAT? That I made an impact to be placed in a dedication page made me speechless. Well ok not entirely speechless but you all get the idea.  We never know what kind of effect we will have on people, positive or negative. Until we are actually told or we can visually see it we may never know.

So the moral of this is to let people know what you think. Let them know what they mean to you, how being around them has helped you. It does not cost a dime. The rewards will be a smile and the person feeling good inside. That is priceless.