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NFL talk


I been seeing my chiropractor for a few years now. He knows I am from the North and he is from the South. We both know that the other is a huge avid sports fan. He also knows who I root for.

On Wednesday we had this conversation.

A football moment with my doctor.

Doctor:”So who do you expect to win this weekend?”

He looks up to see me staring at him and not answering.

Doctor:”Oh that’s right you expect your team to win every time.”

He chuckles.

Me:”Why would I go in expecting them to lose?”

We both chuckle.

I been following my team since the 70ties. This has been through the good and bad…oh my gosh the bad. But I still watched and rooted for them to win.

Seriously folks why would you watch your team if you were expecting them to lose? In the off-chance perhaps by the grace of all that is good in your world they might win?  I think differently and I know I am not alone. I am a die-hard fan for all the teams I root for. Yes there will be times I get a little nervous but I will stand confident until the score board has a time of 0:00.

Will they win every time? Absolutely not. But to think otherwise is a great feeling.