NFL talk


I been seeing my chiropractor for a few years now. He knows I am from the North and he is from the South. We both know that the other is a huge avid sports fan. He also knows who I root for.

On Wednesday we had this conversation.

A football moment with my doctor.

Doctor:”So who do you expect to win this weekend?”

He looks up to see me staring at him and not answering.

Doctor:”Oh that’s right you expect your team to win every time.”

He chuckles.

Me:”Why would I go in expecting them to lose?”

We both chuckle.

I been following my team since the 70ties. This has been through the good and bad…oh my gosh the bad. But I still watched and rooted for them to win.

Seriously folks why would you watch your team if you were expecting them to lose? In the off-chance perhaps by the grace of all that is good in your world they might win?  I think differently and I know I am not alone. I am a die-hard fan for all the teams I root for. Yes there will be times I get a little nervous but I will stand confident until the score board has a time of 0:00.

Will they win every time? Absolutely not. But to think otherwise is a great feeling.

4 thoughts on “NFL talk”

  1. Die hard fans are the ones a team- star- or whatever counts on. if you only follow in the good times you’re not really a fan at all just a fair weather follower- die hards are the leaders- so with that said this die hard girl from Texas must shout GO COWBOYS!!!!

  2. It’s funny, but my wife doesn’t understand why I put myself through the hardship of watching my teams lose. lol There’s something special when you witness a great run to a championship after surviving all of those lean years. As a Giants fan I’ve come to expect a Golden Age every twenty years so there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Since they didn’t make the playoffs, (the bums lol) I’m switching into hockey mode for my Rangers.

    1. My husband is the same way but he and my son know my love for my teams from my home. My son got me a helmet and had the team sign it. Talk about awesome! Talk about making me squeal like a pig. LOL. They don’t get it but they do get this is me. As for my Pats and my other teams that is our mentality now. I know there will be a time that will lessen as my guy gets older and retires so enjoying it while I can. Glad hockey is back though. 🙂

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