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April 1, 2013: My Contract Arrived

My contract came in last night
My contract came in last night
Heigh-ho, the derry-o . . .
My contract came in last night

Oh my gosh it is a beautiful sight. But it could be written on a napkin and my opinion would not change.

2013-04-03 16.02.18

The video is meh but here you go.

Don’t mind my birdies They are normally out with me but they kept on wanting to be part of the video so I had to hold them back for a small bit.

STOP THE PRESSES: My MS has found a home

2012-05-14 15.52.58

I have been sitting on some news for a small bit now. I wanted to make sure every thing was done right. But I been told I can announce it. My book Jasper,Amazon Parrot:A Rainforest Adventure has been picked up by a publishing house out of San Francisco

Let me tell you about how it went down. I came across the company off a contact in Linkedin. Sending an email to see if they were open for submissions I received the reply that they were. That same day I sent a query letter with the first three chapters attached. I was told that the publisher and her business manager cleared the afternoon. They wondered if I could send them the rest of the MS. I happily did.

Soon I received word they were interested in publishing my book. My first reaction was sitting back in my chair at my desk and going numb. This is what I been working for. This was my end point. I had not once for a minute thought of self publishing this book. I believed in it so strongly, whether that belief was correct or not, that I kept at it.

I will over the next few weeks post on the aspect of this. There are a few levels. But I just wanted to let you all know that I have found a home for Jasper. This is still surreal to me even though I have known for short period of time. Maybe when I see the book in the stores it will hit me. It has been a journey for Jasper and me.