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STOP THE PRESSES: My MS has found a home

2012-05-14 15.52.58

I have been sitting on some news for a small bit now. I wanted to make sure every thing was done right. But I been told I can announce it. My book Jasper,Amazon Parrot:A Rainforest Adventure has been picked up by a publishing house out of San Francisco

Let me tell you about how it went down. I came across the company off a contact in Linkedin. Sending an email to see if they were open for submissions I received the reply that they were. That same day I sent a query letter with the first three chapters attached. I was told that the publisher and her business manager cleared the afternoon. They wondered if I could send them the rest of the MS. I happily did.

Soon I received word they were interested in publishing my book. My first reaction was sitting back in my chair at my desk and going numb. This is what I been working for. This was my end point. I had not once for a minute thought of self publishing this book. I believed in it so strongly, whether that belief was correct or not, that I kept at it.

I will over the next few weeks post on the aspect of this. There are a few levels. But I just wanted to let you all know that I have found a home for Jasper. This is still surreal to me even though I have known for short period of time. Maybe when I see the book in the stores it will hit me. It has been a journey for Jasper and me.

A Nice Rejection

A Nice Rejection

Since February I have been submitting query letters to two of my books. Submitting one’s MS to publishers whether through email or smail is a long tedious process. There will be a rejection letter in your future. Odds are there will be many of these to show up on your doorstep. It is a fact we need to wrap our mind around. So long as we keep on submitting, this is just a stepping stone.

Recently one came in an email to me. There was one difference though, it was not a form letter. The publisher stated that due to a massive overflow of submissions they would be passing over my MS. But she continued to say that my MS was promising. She did not expand too much but to me this was a win. Not a win win but still something positive I could take from this. It’s a start on my path to getting my book in print.

Sharing this “good news” with others people agreed this was pretty cool news. Maybe I am doing something right was what filled my thoughts. Perhaps there is a publisher who is not overburdened with endless manuscripts.  Someone who would be willing to take a chance on an unknown like myself.

That is my hope as I continue to submit my various writings. My mantra is the same today as it has been since I started this journey. All I need is one person to say yes we love your MS. Just one.