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Guest Blog: Pam Funke


MY JOURNEY by Pam Funke

One day while I was standing in the local Wal-Mart looking at the books on the shelves there, it occurred to me that there just was not enough Christian Fiction books out on the market. I was disappointed with the books that were available for the public to read, especially those on the market for our youth. The books that lined the shelves are not feeding their minds or souls with positive things. Now mind you there are some very good non-Christian novels out there that instill a positive message, but unfortunately there are many out there that are not. There has to be something in a good book that not only feeds the mind with positive values and teaches the reader how to improve their life and give them some hope. If not, then what’s the point? A good book should have a lesson in it that someone can learn something valuable from it and not just an escape away from their problems in the real world ~ because when the story is over the real world is still there and so are their problems. They should be able to come out of that story with something positive that they can use to help them in the real world. From that very moment I decided that I would try to fill that very void and hence The Apocalypse series was born.

Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes, which is the first book in the series, began my journey into authorhood. When I first sat down to write this novel, I honestly wasn’t sure what it was going to entail. I sat there for a few moments wondering how to begin the story. I put my pen down and sat there for a moment pondering what to do. As I sat there with my eyes closed it suddenly came to me. I started to see the events of my novel unfold before me in my mind. It was as though I were watching a movie on the television set. It seemed kind of odd to be writing in this manner, but I wrote down everything that I saw and heard in my mind. Although I was able to picture my story, I still had to do some research into various things. For example, I had to find out about different cultures and religions so that I could incorporate them into my story properly. I also had to read extensive news articles from around the world to figure out which ones I could use to enhance the storyline. A year later, I had a completed manuscript and sat down to read it from cover to cover. It turned out to be a really good story worthy of being read by others. I must admit that I was nervous about getting it published, but I figured what harm could it do? The audience would either love it or hate it. Receiving my very first physical copy of the book was a wonderful feeling. To see that others are enjoying the book as well and leaving reviews on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads is great. I love to read what others think about what I wrote.

Well it is now a year later and I am happy to say that my fourth book, Sodom: A Nation On Its Knees, will be published later this month.

As a new author, my advice to all of you out there who have the desire to write or are newly published authors as well; write to your heart’s content. Don’t give up your dream and even if one door or more is closed in your face be patient for there will be one door that will remain open for you. Write for not only your enjoyment, but for the enjoyment of others. Stay encouraged and happy writing.

frontThrough the Eyes of a Child book blurb: God created the heavens and the earth. He created all of the plants, animals and birds of the air. He created man. When God was finished He looked at all that He had created and saw that it was good. Come see the world through the curious eyes of a child.


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Calastan:The Jein’s Journey Series


Book synopsis:

Follow Jein Kyominias, a girl who does not entertain the established roles other females of the upper class take in her land. Her rearing in a matriarchal society has certain paths laid out. She has chosen to be an elite hunter instead of a mere matron. She is unique in her fondness for activities that are specifically bequeathed for men. She decides she will be different—strong and different that is.

Each person has a distinct trait that’s either held in reserve or pursued without inhibitions. For reasons that vary, the latter may seem an egotistic act. However, not for Jein. Taking a path other than the one she believes is right is like betraying her own soul.

This book features a young girl who deals with her individuality in admirably different ways. It tell a story of how she accomplishes exceptional feats in a world that draws an unyielding line between men and women.

Follow her on her journey of discovering who she is and who she will become


My people are an ancient one, with a history as long as our worlds. Our world is one of beauty and mystery known only to a few humanoid races, Euphasia. We are the fifth world in our galaxy of twelve. The other planets are Arouyura, Kylia, Qalitinym, Talinusia, Sedariaum, Perutiuous, Remjein, Anastasinay, Makyli, Cajostan and Aliyaminum. My home is known as Calastan, the capital of all Euphasia.”


About the Author

Cheryllynn’s vivid imagination comes through in all she does in life. Her writing started in junior high and although she never truly shared her work until recently she kept them hidden away in an old tattered orange folder. Original works she wrote from 1984 still holding ink on the pages may one day be shared, but for now she shares her newer creations. Science Fiction and Fantasy are her favorite genres with mystery and thrillers in close running.

Born in Northwest Florida and raised in Southeast Georgia she gained a love for nature and the outdoors. Currently living in Central Texas with two of her four children, she has begun a new chapter in life that has opened her heart and soul to many great adventures. Her dreams are to one day return to her native homes and settle in for life with her kids and all her family and to continue writing.

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Guest Blogging: An Author’s Platform

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The lovely Mcv Egan has asked me to guest blog over at

The topic is one’s authors platform.  Here is a small piece of it.


I started working on my social platform a couple of years ago. I was clueless at first. However I had read an article in Writer’s Digest that discussed it. In that article the author wrote down her Twitter account and encouraged people to follow her.

That was my first introduction. I had an account for a few years but never did anything with it. But now

was the time to branch out with my brand. But I did not wait until my book was complete, revised, edited and then revised yet again. I did not wait until after my writer groups had taken a whack at it.

Instead about a year before I got to that point I tossed my name into ring and made my way to the center. There are so many avenues to get your name out besides Facebook and Twitter. The list goes on to Google +, Linked, Goodreads, Pinterest, and a Facbebook page that is separate from your main page. There is having one’s own blog. There are more out there.

To read the rest check out the link.