Guest Blogging: An Author’s Platform

2012-11-09 06.10.13


The lovely Mcv Egan has asked me to guest blog over at

The topic is one’s authors platform.  Here is a small piece of it.


I started working on my social platform a couple of years ago. I was clueless at first. However I had read an article in Writer’s Digest that discussed it. In that article the author wrote down her Twitter account and encouraged people to follow her.

That was my first introduction. I had an account for a few years but never did anything with it. But now

was the time to branch out with my brand. But I did not wait until my book was complete, revised, edited and then revised yet again. I did not wait until after my writer groups had taken a whack at it.

Instead about a year before I got to that point I tossed my name into ring and made my way to the center. There are so many avenues to get your name out besides Facebook and Twitter. The list goes on to Google +, Linked, Goodreads, Pinterest, and a Facbebook page that is separate from your main page. There is having one’s own blog. There are more out there.

To read the rest check out the link.

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