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NaNoWriMo 2012 Update

This is an update on how I am doing on NaNo 2012. At the end of the first week I have a word count of 25,010. Pretty amazing right? I am surprising myself in so many ways. I guess this speaks volumes for planning this frenzy properly prior to embarking on it. Last year I decided three days before I was doing it. How I won is just pure speculation on anyone’s part. But this year I tried to prepare as much as possible. A lot of things got pushed to the side or rescheduled.

Can I keep up the pace remains to be seen. I will have days where the word count or words will not come to me. There will be days where life calls and I can’t avoid it. But I am hopeful that I can accomplish this madness if I just remain focus.

Wish me luck. I will never turn that down.