NaNoWriMo 2012 Update

This is an update on how I am doing on NaNo 2012. At the end of the first week I have a word count of 25,010. Pretty amazing right? I am surprising myself in so many ways. I guess this speaks volumes for planning this frenzy properly prior to embarking on it. Last year I decided three days before I was doing it. How I won is just pure speculation on anyone’s part. But this year I tried to prepare as much as possible. A lot of things got pushed to the side or rescheduled.

Can I keep up the pace remains to be seen. I will have days where the word count or words will not come to me. There will be days where life calls and I can’t avoid it. But I am hopeful that I can accomplish this madness if I just remain focus.

Wish me luck. I will never turn that down.

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2012 Update”

      1. Yesterday I wrote 4000 in one day, not quite as impressive as you, but I rewarded myself by buying enough pizza and chocolate to make myself ill. I don’t reccommend it.

      2. I say good for you on the 4000 words Mike that is impressive. Any time you go over the 1667 daily word count that is recommended it is time to celebrate. Hope you feel better.

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