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Flash fiction story


2013-05-02 12.57.56(2)I came up with a little flash fiction story. It is not edited for content, flow or anything that we look at when we edit our works. Here it is.

Please please please let there be nothing there. Please. I will open it and there will be nothing there. It will be safe to move on. I will be good. But only if there is nothing before me. Okay crossing fingers. I am about to take the plunge. Please let it be empty. Holding my breath I reached for the lid to open it up, but first I close my eyes. Still hoping nothing is there. Oh please let there be nothing there. I open my eyes. I control my breathing, I look down. Shit. Shit. Shit. The hamper is full of clothes again.

I placed this on my FB page. The reaction was awesome. People seemed to like it, some were anxious to see how it ended while others laughed at it all. It was fun to do. I came up with the idea when I was walking to my hamper while I was hoping and pleading for it to be if nothing else at least half full. It was not.

Flash fiction, the shortness of it is fun, though not always easy to come up with. I have a few short pieces that qualify in this genre. I need to do more.