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Testimonials: My clients

I’m a developmental editing, coach for writers and a few things in between depending on what my client needs. I asked two of them if they would be willing to give a testimony for how I helped them.

Joanna- She is a first time author and needed help from how to structure the book as far as critiquing it for her, to navigating social media so she could get an author’s platform and help her navigate the road to finding a publisher.

I have seen classes offered titled “What to do once you’ve written a book” or I’ve written a book, now what?” In my case, I needed help before even completing the book. Having never set out to be a writer, or taken any sort of formal instruction in writing, I knew I had some ideas that needed to be put on paper, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Enter Sharon Williams.

I knew Sharon socially, and knew that she was a published author. I asked if she would be willing to mentor me and explained what I was trying to accomplish (a non fiction book). Sharon took me through what I needed to do. She was there for every step that I needed her on, and didn’t hover. She served as a beta reader, introduced me to writing groups for more beta readers, discussed the importance of editors, etc. She also told me what was fair price when dealing with editors (something I would not have known) and what to expect from them. She did so much more to help during the writing process, sometimes even providing the push I needed to make myself write. Once the manuscript was written and edited, she taught me how to solicit agents and publishers. She explained how important social media for self-promotion was, and gave me a list of suggested social media sites and sample schedule to keeping them updated. She helped me design my blog/author site, both the visual and technical aspects. She was my first call when I got a publisher (I attribute that to her and my editors’ work. Yes, that’s plural. I had several editors.)

If you’re reading this and thinking “wow, that’s a lot of work to write a book” I can tell you IT IS, but with Sharon Williams helping you, it will go much more smoothly. She is a wealth of information on not only writing, but also what you do once you have your work written. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon as a mentor or beta reader.


Steve- He already has manuscripts written. What he needed was for me to go over it as a developmental editor to tell him what worked, what didn’t, where the pace and flow needed to be fixed, character development and things like that.

Ms. Williams is a talented editor/reviewer. I was quite fortunate to use her services in reviewing my newest novel, The Borrowed Princess. I found her to be especially adept at pointing out plot inconsistencies, need for more character development and spotting the need for more (or less) back story lines. She is also capable in the more traditional role of editor for spotting errors like spelling or run-on sentences. I recommend her and hope she will be available for this role the next time I get ready to publish.

Writing coach: Expanding my business

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I obtained a new client in July. He wanted me to look over his two manuscripts and to tell him what I thought. I asked if he wanted me to check plots, dialogue, loop holes, pace and all that good stuff. He said yes and more. His manuscripts came to 406 pages. At first I was overwhelmed when he handed it over to me. Normally my clients have smaller works. With him being okay with my fee I took him on.

Like most anything, you start at the beginning. I work in increments of an hour at a time. I take a few minutes to walk around and then attack it for another hour. I had asked if it was edited and was told yes to not worry about any of that. After reading the first few chapters I quickly reminded myself how fortunate I am for my editor who is worth her weight in gold for I did see some errors which I noted. Now I don’t edit like a line editor. I let every one of my clients know that. It is not my thing. I have someone for that. But I do the rest of what a book should contain for it to be a good read for others.

The story as I got more into it was one I really enjoyed. I just finished the first novel and will start on the second one any day now. This was a fun read even though it was work and I am excited for the second volume.

Something of this length helped my own writings as I narrow in on things it was missing or things that needed to be expanded on. It help[s me stay in touch on what needs to be included in my own works. This can only be a win win for me.