Writing coach: Expanding my business

2014-04-28 11.52.25

I obtained a new client in July. He wanted me to look over his two manuscripts and to tell him what I thought. I asked if he wanted me to check plots, dialogue, loop holes, pace and all that good stuff. He said yes and more. His manuscripts came to 406 pages. At first I was overwhelmed when he handed it over to me. Normally my clients have smaller works. With him being okay with my fee I took him on.

Like most anything, you start at the beginning. I work in increments of an hour at a time. I take a few minutes to walk around and then attack it for another hour. I had asked if it was edited and was told yes to not worry about any of that. After reading the first few chapters I quickly reminded myself how fortunate I am for my editor who is worth her weight in gold for I did see some errors which I noted. Now I don’t edit like a line editor. I let every one of my clients know that. It is not my thing. I have someone for that. But I do the rest of what a book should contain for it to be a good read for others.

The story as I got more into it was one I really enjoyed. I just finished the first novel and will start on the second one any day now. This was a fun read even though it was work and I am excited for the second volume.

Something of this length helped my own writings as I narrow in on things it was missing or things that needed to be expanded on. It help[s me stay in touch on what needs to be included in my own works. This can only be a win win for me.

2 thoughts on “Writing coach: Expanding my business”

  1. It’s so awesome when you can enjoy someone’s story like that. I love how you mentioned it helped your own writing. I was beginning to wonder if Jamie and I were the only ones that thought that. lol

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