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My husband vs Valentine’s Day

My husband and I have been married a while- over 20 years. So when Valentine’s Day comes around I don’t expect flowers, candy, a card or the big woo. Odds are we have already celebrated it this past weekend to avoid the crowds on Tuesday.

If I get anything I am happy but being married and showing one’s love should not be celebrated just a few times a year on those special days: one’s anniversary, birthday and Valentine Day.

I don’t need the trinkets of a holiday that specializes in making the candy, greeting card and flower industry more wealthy. It is the little things that people might overlook

1-My husband dropping me off at the front of an establishment when my fibro is acting up

2-Buying me a king size candy bar of my favorite brand just because

3-Doing the dishes every morning before he goes to work

4-Watching my sports teams on tv with me even when he couldn’t care less who wins.

5-Getting me a Pepsi even though he knows I am not allowed but I crave it.

6-Not sharing my dessert at a restaurant knowing inside I don’t really want to share

7-Driving almost 3 hours one way to bring me to my doctor’s office

The list goes on. As a female I will admit the flowers and candy do make me go woohoo inside. But in the grand scheme of things I rather know that I am loved year round instead of just a few specific days the industry dictates.

While we ate our official Valentine’s Day meal on Sunday I will be treating him out today at lunch.


I found out today my husband is always a surprise to me. Sitting on my laptop this morning was a beautiful package, I almost hated to break the seal. Inside was a lovely card with a sentiment that made me pause. Inside that card was a Subway card for a few meals. He does know me well. 🙂

But inside that package was a beautiful hand-woven scarf and necklace. The picture does not do them justice. The girl in me squealed on the inside for the package and for having a husband who loves me. I know this with or without the gifts.

My little defenders

In March of last year, I was approached to rescue two parakeets The man lived behind my neighbor and through them had heard I had birds. When I heard what was being asked of me I internally said no. Being owned by 7 birds at the time and 2 hamsters took a lot of time and money to maintain. Also the time each animal needed to be showed they were loved took a lot of work. To add two more would crowd that circle I had so carefully built But upon seeing Cory and Snowball my heart melt The man had asthma and was told he had to get rid of the birds. The pet stores would definitely not be taking them back and the two shelters for birds in the area were unable to assist. If I did not take the little critters they would be put to sleep.

That I could not let happen. The fact two huge cages were being given as well as 6 months of food,toys and treats did help. When I told my husband about it his simple reply was “ You already have them, don’t you?” He knew me and of my love for birds.

It will be a year soon and they have join the collective very well. The cage is in the window in the bird room where they keep guard on anything crossing our pathway or let along set foot on our yard. The loudest, chaotic noise will erupt from Cory letting me know someone is on my property. This includes my husband. They are not the friendliest birds but I do love their singing and added companionship in my office.

I am a sucker.  Cory is the green and yellow keet in the picture while his mate Snowball is the white and blue birdie. They are my little defenders.

Parrot Mountain

Most of you know at this point about my youngest child Jasper. He is now 17 years old and considers himself quite a catch. I mean considering he is young, handsome, laid back and can nestle against your cheek he is the cat’s meow. With all that, I do worry about him and his future.

Last night my husband showed me videos from a zoo in Pigeon Forge, TN called Parrot Mountain. The link

It is a marvelous place for people who truly care about birds. Watching some of the videos where birds like him doing the same stuff he does got Jasper’s attention fast.

Over the years I have wondered what would happen to him once we passed on. Yes, our son will be taking over his care when my husband and I are no longer able to. But with Jasper living so long, anywhere from 80 years old and up, we have to think of possibilities like this for the just in case factor. I have already told my husband I want to go visit this park. It’s about 6 hours from us one way but I feel it be worth the trip.

While birds have been a huge part of my life since 1998, I was not prepared for how much one bird would affect my family in the way Jasper has. To say he is a bird is truly an insult to him, he is not. He is my bubba, green ass bird, Jazzy, and a sleuth of other love names he has gotten over the years. He has been with us since the summer of 1999 when he was at the tender age of 5 and that is when he became family.