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My husband vs Valentine’s Day

My husband and I have been married a while- over 20 years. So when Valentine’s Day comes around I don’t expect flowers, candy, a card or the big woo. Odds are we have already celebrated it this past weekend to avoid the crowds on Tuesday.

If I get anything I am happy but being married and showing one’s love should not be celebrated just a few times a year on those special days: one’s anniversary, birthday and Valentine Day.

I don’t need the trinkets of a holiday that specializes in making the candy, greeting card and flower industry more wealthy. It is the little things that people might overlook

1-My husband dropping me off at the front of an establishment when my fibro is acting up

2-Buying me a king size candy bar of my favorite brand just because

3-Doing the dishes every morning before he goes to work

4-Watching my sports teams on tv with me even when he couldn’t care less who wins.

5-Getting me a Pepsi even though he knows I am not allowed but I crave it.

6-Not sharing my dessert at a restaurant knowing inside I don’t really want to share

7-Driving almost 3 hours one way to bring me to my doctor’s office

The list goes on. As a female I will admit the flowers and candy do make me go woohoo inside. But in the grand scheme of things I rather know that I am loved year round instead of just a few specific days the industry dictates.

While we ate our official Valentine’s Day meal on Sunday I will be treating him out today at lunch.


I found out today my husband is always a surprise to me. Sitting on my laptop this morning was a beautiful package, I almost hated to break the seal. Inside was a lovely card with a sentiment that made me pause. Inside that card was a Subway card for a few meals. He does know me well. 🙂

But inside that package was a beautiful hand-woven scarf and necklace. The picture does not do them justice. The girl in me squealed on the inside for the package and for having a husband who loves me. I know this with or without the gifts.