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My Therapy Warriors

Due to a recent surgery it is hard for me to sit up for long periods of time. So today I will be sharing some of my little therapy warriors with you all instead of a long post.

This is my sole finch Cosmos. Finches live anywhere between the ages of 5-8 years old or at least that is what I have been told. But when he lost his mate last year I was sure he would be gone within a few months if I did not replace her. Yet he is still among us and living at the ripe old age of 13.

2013-02-13 12.40.55

2013-02-13 12.40.16

These are my keets, Cory and Snowball. I rescued them in May of 2011 when they were a year old.


These are my tiels who have been my true therapy warriors over the years.

Twopiece is my first bird ever and he adopted me in 1998. I am not sure how old he was when I got him but he has been with us for close to 15 years old. He is my buddy.

2013-02-13 12.43.56

2013-02-13 12.21.13(1)

This is BJ and my sweetie pie. We got him when he was four months old in April of 1999.

2012-06-05 10.44.17(1)

This is Angel, my feisty little man. He was also adopted when he was four months old a year after BJ came home.

2013-02-13 12.23.18

2013-02-13 12.21.35

Nye is the son of Twopiece and Maxie. She came home with Twopiece in 1998 but we lost her a few years back. Nye is the perfect combination of his parents. He looks like his dad but has the girth of his mama.

2013-02-13 12.19.24

Most people know about my youngest child Jasper who was five when he came home with us in Oct of 1999

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Hobbies Part 1




Is there such a thing as having too many hobbies? I have quite a few. For the most part I hate being bored, simply hate it. Along with that I like to continually learn and improve myself even if is something that is small.


My first love is the one I have for books. The feel and smell of one in my hands is one that I continue to enjoy. A good book can take you places that you are not able to visit. A good book helps you forget as your mind is captured by the plot and various characters inside. It is ok to hate one of the people involved it just makes the book more awesome for me. My small problem is I don’t give up my books easily, neither does my husband, so my house soon could become it’s own library.

I am not sure if I can call my birds a hobby or not but they are definitely a love of mine. I have eight and each one has his own distinct and unique personality. Frequently I will take some time to bond with each and every one of them. But I have to make sure I block out enough time. Once I start I am not able to stop until all of them have gotten some mama love. I can’t place favorites on them or at least show it. The way they preen and sing to me is a simple pleasure I wish you all could enjoy. They are fascinating animals and any one who feels they can’t be as awesome as cats and dogs, well they have never been around or owned by one. For that is what it comes down to it, they own me and know it. The time flies as life goes on and my mind clears as they tell me every thing that has gone on since we lasted connected. That for me is pure joy.

Thanks to my husband my love of photography has grown from a simple snap and shoot camera to my digitals. While I am not as experience as my husband is, I am getting there. Due to pawn shops and layaways I have accumulated quite a few. This is a nice time for my husband and I to be together and enjoy a common love. The hours fly by as I try to work on this craft. To get just the right picture that one can be proud of is another simple pleasure that can last for days. It may take me endless shots to get the perfect one but it is worth it.


To be continued…

Asleep or Awake

Asleep or Awake?

For Christmas I purchased a camera for my husband that he had mentioned he wanted. When my husband started playing with it, we saw the flash was green and not the regular red of our other cameras. This particular picture seen here is where my husband took a picture of Jasper with the flash on. The green flash illuminated his entire body making my parrot look down at his chest with a “What the hell people?” kind of look. While it does look like he is asleep, he is not. Jasper is just trying to figure out where this green spotlight is coming from. Fortunately my husband figured out how to turn the green off so my poor bird won’t be in a constant state of “What the heck?” mode.