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The Spit Rebellion of 2011

The conspirators:

The rebellion:

My desk is snuggled between a bookcase and one of my bird cages. Inside are 4 males or as I lovingly call them, my boys. This past week, I have noticed a trend with my cockatiels. One day as I was typing away I felt a splash of water on my neck. Now with the boys being so close to me I thought one was taking a bath. I paid no attention. This continued for a few minutes until I finally turned to look at them. What I saw was the youngest ,Nye, sitting by one of the water containers as he got some water and spit in my direction. I was surprised a bit and did chuckle on the side. I wondered if maybe I did not smell good to them( I had just taken a shower with a new gel), or perhaps they just wanted my attention. My son chimed in and thought it might be some mating ritual they wanted to share with mama, aka me. I shrugged it off and continued to work.

The next day I again was at my desk hard at work. Like before, I felt some water on my neck. Turning to the side I saw a scene that I could not have possibly imagine. The 4 birds were lined up in a row by the water container. Each would get a sip and spit at me, and go to the back of the line. The next would take his place and repeat the action of spitting. If a bird can smile, I swear they were doing it that day. I am not sure what was the cause of this. In all my years of breeding birds, this has never occurred. To see these little birds organize such an event at me, well one had to see it to believe it. This continued for 3 straight days. Without any warning it stopped. I have yet to figure out why this happened. I just know it did. So now when I sit down at my desk I give them a weary eye. This is to let them know the jig is up.  I am on to them, even if I can’t stop it.


There are some pets you own, and there some pets that own you. I am owned by birds. Anyone who reads this blog knows this. I am bias and can go on and on about the topic of my birds or birds in general. I thought it was needed to list some bird terms so down the road you won’t get confused or rather you’ll have a reference to come back too. The following words are common terms which have been used in my stories.

fids- a term to describe our feathery birds, which in time tend to be loved like our own kids. So feather kids aka fids

preen-it’s a birds way of grooming their feathers using their beak or tongue-they will groom, arrange and care for the feathers from top to bottom

hen-female bird

crop-a pouch inside the bird where food is stored for later digestion or to regurgitate to feed one’s young

avian vet- a vet that treats birds

clutch- the number of eggs a bird will lay

molting- when birds cast or sheds its feathers for new growth

crest- feathers for my cockatiels it’s the feathers on the head that looks like a Mohawk

fledging-when the bird is out of the nest but not feeding itself

nest box- a box that one can use in place of a nest or bird house

bonded pair- two birds that pair up for reproduction, can be short-lived or they can bond for life

blood feather- any feather that still has a blood supply- crucial to know when trimming the wings

chick- a new born bird

weaned bird- a bird that is out of the nest and eating on its own

The boys from the hood

These are the boys.

Left to right –

BJ is  named after the breeders, Brigitte and Johnny

Angel was suppose to be BJ’s mate but ah hmm she turned out to be a he. 

Twopiece is the first bird I have ever owned, he became part of my family in 1998

Nye is the son of  Twopiece