The boys from the hood

These are the boys.

Left to right –

BJ is  named after the breeders, Brigitte and Johnny

Angel was suppose to be BJ’s mate but ah hmm she turned out to be a he. 

Twopiece is the first bird I have ever owned, he became part of my family in 1998

Nye is the son of  Twopiece


8 thoughts on “The boys from the hood

  1. A handsome set of fellows! My Dad and step-mom have had a parakeet for years; they didn’t know Nikki was a she until she laid an egg a few years after they had her.

    The egg was what is known, in our family, as a clue! 🙂

    What kind of birds are they, and how long are they expected to live?

    Do you have any other pets?


    • The boys are cockatiels and their life span ranges from 15 to 20 years. I am not sure how old Twopiece is but I know he is at least 14. BJ is 13 years old. Angel is 12 years old while Nye is 11. I know they are getting up in the years but try not to dwell on that. I loved your definition for the word clue. That made me laugh out loud.
      I just rescued two parakeets about 3-4 months ago. I also have Jasper, my yellow cheek Amazon parrot. Rounding up the gang are Sylar and Kashi, our two hamsters. Oh I almost forgot Flash my finch.

      I live in a strange house for the pets seem to live longer their life span. All of my finches have lived at least 5 years beyond. The hamsters are already a year over their life span.
      I have had more but I have reduced over the years.

      Do you have any pets?

      Thank you for the compliment, especially since I am so bias toward them.

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