Sensory Exercise

Sensory Exercise:


My 4 year old nephew Henry was making such a ruckus. His shoulders were heaving as his little body shook all over. One could see a stream of tears running down his face. His baby blue eyes were red where he had rubbed them with his small little hands. That sound he kept making sounded like someone had run over his favorite dog on the highway in front of him. He didn’t stop when I offered my silk handkerchief as he blew his nose and returned it to me. The loud pitiful wails that came out of his mouth were heart wrenching .When I asked what was wrong, he stuttered and tried but no distinguishable words escaped his mouth. I didn’t think it was possible for a small child to shed so many crocodile tears. It turned out his sister had gone for a bike ride and declined his request to tag along. I didn’t sense an end to his crying or pain in sight . He wiped his face on the sleeve of his white stained t-shirt. One could hear him make quick baby sniffles. The kid was stuck with me, we were the only ones in the house. Coming up with an idea I approached my sad little nephew. “How about some vanilla ice cream?” I suggested. Henry’s eyes lighted up like fourth of july fireworks. “With sparkles? he asked eagerly. I nodded as he ran to give me a big hug. He then proclaimed that I was the bestest aunt in the whole wide world. All was forgotten, well for the moment anyway.




The line I had to describe was the sounds of Henry crying.

6 thoughts on “Sensory Exercise”

    1. I get them from a number of places. They actually have books on writing prompts, you can get them in any book store. I also just finished taking a creative writing class and the instructor kept us on our toes with prompts. But if money is tight( inject laughter here), you can go online and just google writing prompts and viola.

    1. Really? Chocolate is not good for birds since their temperature is lower then us. It won”t melt and hence get stuck in their throats. What kind of bird do you have? Or did you mean your child? hehe

      Thanks, I love my buddies, I am forever snapping pictures of all my birds. It helps mellow me out and like you said seize the moment..

      1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i thought you were replying to a post about my birds. DUH hehe, we are on the same page now

        That was a writing prompt, the one with Henry. We received a stick( from an instructor) with a line on it- the sound of Henry crying.

        I had to write a paragraph describing that without actually saying it,

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