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One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Tracey James Jones at for passing this onto me. This is my first time receiving it so those who know me means I am giddy. I have not met Tracey irl but have had the good fortune to know her through our author blogs. She is a peach.

The Rules:

If you are one of the nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award you must do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  • Share seven unknown things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible
  • Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post.
  • This rules are not set in stone. If you nominate less that is fine. I tend to do one blog nominee per fact about me.

Seven unknown things about me.

I am left-handed.

I can drive a stick-shift.

I love horror movies.

I hate to cook unless I really want to.

I am a very nice person unless provoked to be otherwise.

I am an Aries.

I love to draw, even if it is not very well.

My nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award.