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An awesome book versus a crappy book: Can you tell the difference or do you care?

Can you tell the difference between a great book versus a crappy book? Most people, if not all, would say yes. And yes it should be yes. I am not talking from a writer’s perspective. We all know what we like when it comes to art, music, books and movies.

But what if someone told you that this is what you should like in these forms of art? If I told you that the book you read had a poor plot line, poor character development, head hopping from character to character, poorly researched and rushed at the end would you not like the book anymore?

If I told you it should have gone through a beta group, a critique group and if nothing else to an editor one more time would you not like the book anymore? If I told you it had many loop holes, your protagonist wasn’t believable, how the transition between the beginning to the twist was flawed would you not like the book anymore?

I bring this up for one main reason. I was on Amazon leaving a review for two books. I tend to read the reviews that are placed there for the same book. When I see many positive reviews it causes me to wonder. Didn’t they see the error filled chapters? Didn’t they see that in one chapter it was her boyfriend and the next chapter it was her husband and the next her boyfriend again? Did they not see how the ending was just tidied up with little rhyme or reason? Either you are a friend of this author or you like what you like and nothing above matters to you.

We like what we like for reasons that works for us. I read a book hat had an amazing plot, twist and well-developed characters. The grammar and edits were atrocious. If I can let go the writer in me it would work. Other times I just want to pull my hair out.

But a the end of the day what works for you is what matters.

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

I am an avid reader. I been an avid reader since I learned how to read. And while I try to review the books I read if I did that I would never get any writing done for me.

Reading different genres from different authors can get the juices flowing and the excitement stirring to get to work on my latest WIP. Watching movies is another way. Especially the ones that you fall in love with and then you find out it is from a book. That just makes me want to read it to see if they got it right or if they just used the skeleton version of it.

Listening to other people and their projects when they read parts of it in a group can make one excited not just for themselves but for you as well. If you share pieces with a group the feedback can be rewarding and bridge you to the next step. If one attends conferences or are on online forums dedicated to the craft of writing. There you see or feel the buzz that happens when people of the same mind interact with each other.

Perhaps have a notebook for ideas of short stories or novels. If you ever get writer’s block or feel a need to take a break from one WIP you can work on another. The book I use for ideas has way too many ideas. I would have to live very long to get to use them and that is if I even stop adding to the list.

No matter where you get it from if it helps you to write and get passionate about the topic that is what matters.