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Recycling your content: Do you do it?

Do you recycle content on your social platforms? If not, why?

Finding content is not always easy. Some days I stare at the screen trying to will a topic to come to the front of my brain. It is then I will check other sites or books on my shelves. I am hoping for a glimmer of an idea. But some content that you have discussed should be repeated well repeatedly over time.

Just now, I noticed a blogger reposting a post I did for her months ago. I was elated. I knew someone who was doing it as well. Plus, it was a topic I get on my high horse about with other authors. The topic? How authors should have a social presence with their brand.

Awesome. This is a blogger who has been very prolific in helping authors promote themselves. If it works for her, it works for me.

You have new authors arriving on the scene who might need the tidbit you are discussing. It could help authors who have been around the block but perhaps need a reminder refreshers course. It could also remind you of things that might have gotten sale.

So, don’t fret over reusing topics. It could be the very thing that someone needs.