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“Squirrel Mafia”: Release has been delayed


Always order a proof of your book. Always. I just received the proof copy of Squirrel Mafia. The content, the front and back cover are awesome. The color version of the book is amazing but expensive hence why we created a black and white copy of the book. But in the black and white copy some of the pictures need to be fixed so we will be revisiting them.

So while the release was planned for August 12th, we are moving it a bit to get it done right. This probably involves going out into the wild to take more pictures of these little demons from hell.

I rather move my release date and have a product I can be proud off. Why would you not order a proof? I’m not sure but there are authors out there who feel this is not needed. I disagree. I will always get a proof of each book.

The good part of receiving my proof yesterday was the fact my in-laws were in town. One of the chapters is dedicated to my father in law’s mother. He said down and read it as he chuckled. They both love it. That made my day.

Soon I will be able to give them a copy, a decent copy, so they can read the entire book.

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2014:Writing Resolutions


It is now 2014 and the start of a new journey. Last year was pretty amazing as I learned and grew as an author. But there is so much more to do and so much more to discover. It’s a marathon not a sprint as the saying goes. Which brings us to the art of making a list of things to improve on. Resolutions are made every year. It varies how long I’m able to maintain them. I have never made one for writing. This year it will be different.

I will try to:

1. Revise Jasper 2

2. Write Jasper 3

3. Edit my NaNo book from 2011, “ A Woman of Color” which is a true story.

4. To cross promote with other authors as we help each other get the word out

5. To write at least 3-4 days a week. It may only be a paragraph but it is one more than I had the day before. I’m realistic. November is bad enough as it is when it comes to NaNoWriMo and that is a wear and tear that I willingly put myself through. But for the other months I will be happy with 3-4 days a week.

That makes five which is probably a few too much. I will be happy if I can accomplish at least three. For if I do so it means I was writing, a hobby turned craft, and a state of mind that I am very happy to be in.

May you all have a great 2014 as it starts to develops in your lives in a way that no one can see coming, until it has passed you by.