A tip to help you edit your manuscript

As you grow in your writing, you learn tricks of the trade. These are invaluable because they help save you time and improve your manuscript. Then there are the tips you might hear about from other writers when they share what they have heard used.

When someone said that they read their works backup, my head immediately looked up to turn to look at her. I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I saw some of the other members nod their heads.

What the heck, read your manuscript backward? According to them, when you read your manuscript, your mind tricks you into believing you have read every word. The mind skims over words, especially if you have read your WIP to heck and back. Your brain is unable to do this as readily. Because who reads a book backward? By doing so, you catch errors missed and errors that were big that could have made your manuscript tank.

It turned out it was an actual thing once I read it online about this shortly after the meeting,

Yes, I have read a page or two but nothing significant. I keep telling myself I will do it. If it is another tool to make your work pop, I need to make an honest effort to try it for myself. Thank goodness my children’s series are not so long. But oh man, when I work on my manuscripts in the 50K, it will take me convincing myself a lot to give this a go.


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